Banisters Leadership Academy


Contact info:

Tiffany Hernandez - 308-520-3877

Sue Armstrong Twidwell - 308-530-5418

About us:

We are a state-wide non-profit organization founded by Mr. Akile Banister in 2008 after the untimely death of two cousins in separate incidents, three years apart, both through non-related gang violence with a desire to offer a safe environment for youth during peak risk hours on the weekends. Currently Banisters Leadership Academy is established and operating in 15 counties, with plans to expand into Dawson and Red Willow Counties this fall. Our Mission is to "To Strengthen Youth and Families Through Leadership". We serve youth K-12 teaching leadership, life, and social skills as well as job readiness for 14-18. Our programs are at NO COST to families. We also are able to offer mental health services to all youth at NO COST to families. For more information or enrollment please call Tiffany or Sue or visit our website at

Banisters Leadership Academy
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